- Vegans.... YEAAA my granoal is vegan 

2. What jar u use? 

- I use IKEA jars, Korken that one, 1L capacity that one. The weight of granola will be 480g+/-

3. R u gluten-free . ?

this one is a hard question because most oats-processing facilities also process flours, and even though oats are not technically considered gluten, there may be chances of having some traces of gluten inside. 

THat being said, only classic and JSG have oats and nuts and are technically gluten-free. 

Choclit and gingerbreast have McVites digestives inside, and are NOT gluten-free <3 

4. Wat to do if i have jars to return? 

see jar return page

5. Why delivery rate so complicated ? 

because life is... :-) and also because we want to keep it fair to our delivery partners as well as our customers. Rmb to order delivery as a product!